I’m just a guy that decided one day to put his words down on paper, even if its not really paper.  This blog serves as a way to record my thoughts, feelings, and stream of consciousness as I try to make my way through this world.  I have been working in natural resources for years, take a passion with the banjo and bluegrass bass, enjoy the meditative art of beekeeping, and am somewhat of an aquarium expert.  I’m a jokester and satirical humorist and no one is safe.  I find myself knowing a lot about things that most people probably won’t know anything about and knowing extremely little about what most people do.  I’m part gypsy, at least at heart, and I am never in one place long enough to put down roots.  In a way, I’m just like the tumbleweeds that bounce across the highway and get stuck in a fence on the other side.  I’ll stick around for a while, but eventually the wind will sweep me off my feet and I’ll be off to find another fence, somewhere else.