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San Rafael Swell

My hands were sweating and my knuckles were white as I palmed the white, rough sandstone wall in front of me.  I am going to die, I thought to myself.  I was clinging onto a very precipitous slope of crumbling sandstone on the southern aspect of the San Rafael Knob- a mesa and the highest […]

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Trip Planning- Canyonlands National Park, Needles District

Have you ever smelled the desert after a cool rain?  How about early in the morning when the earth laden air is cool to your lungs and the desert is moody and silent?  I know it’s weird, but one of my favorite things about the desert is its smell.  Sure, it mostly smells like dirt […]

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Wandering along the Pinhoti Trail

The Pinhoti Trail is one of Alabama’s rarest gems.  How it has mostly remained under the radar, I do not know, but it is there, meandering over 300 miles from the base of Flagg Mountain, over the state’s highest peak- Cheaha Mountain, and making it’s way into Georgia where it connects with the Appalachian Trial […]

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